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Q. What geographic areas do you serve?
A. Our client base extends across the US and Canada
Q. Who are your clients?
A. Our clients are limited to members of the bar, risk managers and mediators. Our client list includes law firms, sole practitioners and corporations.
Q. Do you work with both Plaintiff and Defense Counsel?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you charge for initial case review and consultation?
A. No. Our hourly fee and consulting schedule and retainer agreement are available on request.
Q. Do you provide expert witness testimony?
A. R. A. Porterfield provides expert witness testimony and consulting on Insurance Standards and Practices.
We also have a database of forensic experts in other fields; most of whom we can recommend based upon actual trial experience.
Q. Do you conduct mock jury trials?
A. Yes. We work with clients to analyze mock jury and focus group results to formulate and enhance trial and settlement strategies, rehabilitate and strengthen witness testimony and perfect case themes.


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