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Serving trial lawyers since 1992 with a wide range of litigation support:

Case Theory & Presentation Courtroom Technique & Critique Expert Witness Testimony & Review
Focus Groups Jury Polling- Post Trial Review Jury Questionnaires
Negotiation & Mediation Opening & Closing Statements Settlement & Demand Packages
Theme Narratives Strategies for Settlement & Trial Training Seminars
Voir Dire Witness Preparation Mock Trials

GSK CONSULTING, LLC has provided litigation support services for a broad spectrum of civil and criminal cases for both plaintiff and defense bars.

With over 70 years combined experience in all phase of trial, mediation and settlement arenas, GSK CONSULTING, LLC is committed to achieving positive results through enhancement of deposition performance, thematic formulation, case evaluation, expert witness testimony and review on insurance industry practices, voir dire assistance and innovative settlement strategies.

We assist lawyers with difficult witnesses, unattractive or target clients, complex issues with multiple litigants and expert testimony. Our goal is success through objective partnership and teamwork in all phases of litigation.

Gehla S. Knight
R. A. Porterfield
Vice President


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